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Automotive Mold /tooling / mould for Car door

Plastic injection mold/tooling/mould for automotive parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts.

Automobile car door mold/mould

Automobile car door mold/mould

Mold/Mould for Door Bell/Intercom

The very first day from our customer placing orders, our responsibility begins right away from mold design to machine processing to manufacturing quality control to assembly to trial test and molded parts.In this sequence of stages,we would examine them carefully and file the reports to our custome

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Main Business item
1. Plastic Injection Mold Design & Manufacture and molding
2. 100000 class clean room injection molding production
3. Office & Home appliance plastic part mold
4. Bicycle plastic component part mold
5. Mobile, radiophone and intercom mold
6. Automotive part mold
7. IC Holding tray mold
8. Memory card (Ultra thin) and USB flash driver mold
9. Heat & Cold parts mold
10. Medical part mold
11. Double density/Double injection/2 colors/ 2 compounds (2K) mold
12. Insert molding/Overt molding mold
13. Optical/LED lens mold

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